[vdr] VDRAdmin-AM-3.5.2: Autotimer missing

Pasi Juppo pasi.juppo at iki.fi
Sat Jan 6 19:58:59 CET 2007


Thanks! This brought Auto timer -menu available. Seems that I need to
check epgsearch-plugin as this function will be removed from VDRAdmin-AM.

What is the reason why this function gets removed?

Br, Pasi

Andreas Mair wrote:
> Hi,
> you can also set AT_OFFER=2 in vdradmind.conf.
> Regards,
> Andreas
> On Monday 01 January 2007 22:41, Ville Skyttä wrote:
>> On Monday 01 January 2007 23:14, Pasi Juppo wrote:
>>> Upgraded to the most recent version of VDRAdmin (previous was 3.4.5a).
>>> Now AutoTimer menu item is missing and can't get it visible. There
>>> seems to be option for this (at least vdradmind.pl has reference to it)
>>> but does not matter if I change the status in vdradmind.pl or
>>> vdradmind.conf file (AUTOTIMER is missing from conf file - if it even
>>> should be there).
>>> How can I fix the problem?
>> Try removing AT_OFFER from vdradmind.conf and changing "-s $AT_FILENAME"
>> to "-f $AT_FILENAME" around line 3000 in vdradmind.pl.
>> Note also that the builtin autotimer functionality is deprecated in
>> favour of using epgsearch, see HISTORY entries from 3.5.0beta onwards.
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