[vdr] Centralized VDR solution?

Kartsa kari at kniivila.com
Mon Jan 8 22:11:05 CET 2007

Pasi Juppo kirjoitti:
> Peer Oliver Schmidt wrote:
>> I am using Hauppauge MediaMVPs to connect to a central VDR system
>> containing 3 DVB-S cards. VOMP is running on the MediaMVPs
>> (http://www.loggytronic.com) and apart from missing
>> * DVD support
>> * Cutting
>> this system contains everything I want. And it has a great WAF factor :-)
> Now this looked very good! Almost exactly what I was after. Few things
> missing still but seems that there is active development thus will be
> implemented later on.
I took a look at this also. It seems good as long as you do not watch 
channels with subtitles. And we do have those in finland (YLE).
> Few things missing:
> -HDTV due to HW. Any idea if there is going to be HDTV version of the HW
> later on? Most likely HTPC is much better solution for HDTV anyway due
> to deinterlace and scaling which requires quite much CPU power (see next
> Q about PC version of VOMP).
Subtitle support should be added to missing things.
> -similar (or same) system running on PC. The idea for kitchen (yes, I'd
> like to have TV on kitchen for the morning news) TV would be to use "All
> in one LCD" -type of PC such as this:
> http://hitony.en.alibaba.com/product/0/51321326/15__All_in_One_LCD_PC.html
> Does VOMP work on normal PC as well (I missed this info)?
There is also a windows client if this is what you meant. Can be found 
on the same site.
> -the graphics on VOMP I assume is not changeable (no skin or theme
> support -> would require recompiling I assume but still)?
> What about the picture quality of the MediaMVP: is it good, average, poor?
> Anyway, this is very good news!
> Br, Pasi
Even though missing subtitles I decided to get a MediaMVP for my self as 
a bedroom box.


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