[vdr] vdr on PS3

Darren Wilkinson chipsugar at chipsugar.plus.com
Tue Jan 9 21:38:45 CET 2007

Petri Hintukainen wrote:
> On Sat, 6 Jan 2007, Darren Wilkinson wrote:
>> Matthias Schniedermeyer wrote:
>>>  Darren Wilkinson wrote:
>>> >  Most people AFAICT use vdr for sdtv and while HDTV may or may not 
>>> be out
>>> >  of the question due to bandwidth sdtv definitely isn't. In fact I 
>>> have
>>> >  linux on my xbox which has much less bandwidth than even the ps2 and
>>> >  most distros for that have a dvd player.
>>>  The thing with the XBOX is that it pretty much has a standard PC 
>>> with a
>>>  standard Geforce 3.5 (AFAIR it is something between the 3 and the 
>>> 4). So
>>>  it should have hardware acceleration, which makes it a quite good
>>>  platform for a video player, although i wouldn't buy one myself.
>> The xbox does have the hardware but (like the PS3) has no accelerated 
>> drivers to use it. Video access is done through the framebuffer but 
>> this is more than enough for dvd playback which is the same 
>> resolution as sdtv.
> XBox has accelerated video driver in DirectFB (video overlay with 
> YUV->RGB conversion and scaling). Decoding 720x576 mpeg2 with xine-lib 
> uses ~20% of CPU power, another 10% is used to copy data around.
>>> >  I am actually looking into a building a working dtv rig for the
>>> >  (original) xbox but am much more limited by the "mere" 60mb 
>>> (64mb-4mb
>>> >  for the framebuffer) of memory
> Memory is just enough for simple DirectFB player, even with no swap (I
> use xineliboutput vdr-fbfe on diskless XBox). But for VDR and software 
> player RAM is definetely too small. Anyway, installing VDR to XBox 
> does not make much sense as one can't attach DVB cards to XBox,
> so using separate server for cards (and VDR) is required. 
There are usb 1.1 digital tv sticks in existence that could be used with 
the xbox.

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