[vdr] streamplayer - no audio when streaming audio only?

Lars Fredriksson lars at jpl.se
Wed Jan 10 16:19:29 CET 2007


I'm trying to use VLC to stream an mms:// as MPGA to my VDR-box where I
have installed the streamplayer plugin, but I get no sound!

Streamplyer says it's receiving a stream and the bitrate show, the
buffering value goes up to the value a specify and the starts over from
0 again.

I'm using this commands to stream the the mms:// as MPGA:
 vlc mms://blah --sout

Is there anyone who has a clue about whi it isn't working - is it
because there is no video?

Thanks for any help!

Regards, Lars Fredriksson

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