[vdr] VDR not starting properly with softdevice on boot

Kartsa kari at kniivila.com
Wed Jan 17 21:16:55 CET 2007

Marko Mäkelä kirjoitti:
>> And this is oprofiler output
>> CPU: CPU with timer interrupt, speed 0 MHz (estimated)
>> Profiling through timer interrupt
> Please try appending "lapic" to the kernel command line.  The timer
> interrupt is the last resort to use when the performance counters
> are unavailable.
I have to test this out also.
>> samples  %        image name               symbol name
>> 9500     98.0595  anon (tgid:2600 range:0x48c000-0x48d000) (no symbols)
>> 188       1.9405  vdr                      (no symbols)
> Please compile softdevice and vdr with -g, or at the very least do not
> strip them.  We're interested in the function names.
What do you mean by -g? Where does that option go? I must point out that 
I am quite a novice in linuxe still.
>> I suspended softdevice output from the settings but it made no change. 
>> Still after reboot vdr takes all cpu time.
> I would suspect that you haven't set up TCP/IP networking before
> starting vdr for the first time.
I did make a working linux box with all updates before even installing vdr.
> Have you applied any patches to vdr?  I don't think that this is
> affected by softdevice at all.
As I said in the first post (and some lines up) I set this box up by 
first installing FC6 and updating it. Then by using yum installed vdr 
and subtitles plugin. Then I downloaded vdr source and used it to 
compile softdevice because there is no ready made package for it. I 
downloaded also subtitles plugin to have vdr compiled as the yum 
installed version.
Somewhere in the middle I also installed DirectFB.
Now that I try to think afterwards what I did and when I am not sure 
about anything. I wanted to use yum to get all installed as easily as 
Maybe I should get FF card and forget softdevice - its much easier :) 
Thats how I have my other vdr box.
Maybe I'll start from the scratch and install everything in right order.

I made a test and recompiled vdr and plugins and put starting command in 
rc.local. Now it starts ok and cpu load is about 60%. But if I let FC6 
initscript start vdr I get 99%cpu load on startup.


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