[vdr] Suggestion Eit-Scan linkage / UpdateChannels

Markus Hahn mhahn at reel-multimedia.com
Fri Jan 19 14:14:59 CET 2007

Hi there, 
in eit.c 

Retrieving  current Information about "Premiere Direk" Portal and 
related schedules this origin  code will update  active channel list:

if (link) {  
      if (Setup.UpdateChannels == 1 || Setup.UpdateChannels >= 3)
          link->SetName(linkName, "", "");
      else if (Setup.UpdateChannels >= 4) {
          link = Channels.NewChannel(channel, linkName, "", "", ld->getOriginalNetworkId(), ld->getTransportStreamId(), ld->getServiceId());


For my opinion in this case, this chould be _always_ done, whatever is set in UpdateChannels.  
Technically it has more in common  with EPG  als some  vpid & apid changes from providers. 

Unfortunatly, in some cases (UpdateChannels == 1 )  it could result in brocken channel entries. 



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