[vdr] channels.conf problem

Thomas Creutz alientxc at alientxc.de
Mon Jan 22 20:41:51 CET 2007

Bob Self schrieb:
> [2247];(null):12501:h:S119.0W:20000:5154:5155=eng:0:0:8775:4100:20:0
> Is this correct? Why isn't NASA in this list? And why are the (null)'s 
> there?
the list looks good.. the position from the null are the field for the 
provider name. And the (null) means that this channel send not a 
provider information....

Have a look at http://linuxtv.org/vdrwiki/index.php/Syntax_of_channels.conf

Why the NASA channel it not in the list?! I don´t now. Have you used a 
correct initial-tuning-data-file? Or have the channel no channel 
information (no name at the list)

Have you try´t to zap all the channels...?



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