[vdr] FF card A/V sync - in progress?

Tero Siironen izero79 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 24 09:09:29 CET 2007

2007/1/23, Kartsa <kari at kniivila.com>:
> Could this be related to some sw or hw issue? I have had this new fw for
> a few days now and about 20+ succesfull recordings and no failures.
> I've got vdr 1.4.4, burn 0.0.009, subtitles 0.4.0, femon 1.1.0, mplayer
> 0.9.15 and vompserver 0.2.5.
> And on the hw side AMD Sempron 3000+, 512MB, TT DVB-C FF 2.1, DVB-C
> budget, FC6, kernel  2.6.18-1.2849.

Well, like I said I cannot confirm that this was because of the new
firmware, and I've made two successful timer recordings on Sunday. But
on the other hand this was the very first time that recording failed
(excluding human errors) with my new setup, built in last July and
about 1-5 recordings every week.

I now updated vdr and plugins and added more error recovery to it. So we'll see.


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