AW: [vdr] frontend tuning timeouts break DD AC3 stream

martin martin at
Thu Jan 25 09:37:33 CET 2007

During the Storm Kyrill last week, my Sat dish got turned a bit, so DVB
signal was down to 40%, which made the tuner (i have 2 cards) not to
receive. In the logfile I saw that VDR tried to get a signal on both cards,
as my VDR just started to do some recording stuff. 

As I was tired from work, I didn't care about it, so I just wanted to watch,
what's on my disk stored, but this turned out to be impossible. Got VDR
segfaults, with restarts of VDR. So I killed my runvdr, edited by hand my
timers, so no more recording occurred. After this, I was able to watch hard
disk recordings.


There is a similar problem, if I try to record a channel on a card  
that cannot tune to the channel, VDR segfaults.

Torgeir Veimo
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