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On Tue, 30 Jan 2007, Ondrej Wisniewski wrote:

> There is a promising FF solution being developed by Micronas. Dual
> DVB-S2 receiver, hardware H.264 decoding and HDMI output.
> http://www.micronas.com/pressroom/press_releases/articles/149309/index.html?newslang=1
> It's has a PCI express card so Klaus might have to bye a new PC after
> all ;-)

AFAIK - it's only a reference-design - so that dvb-card vendors
can use this as a first step for a FF hdtv card
I don't think that micronas will create a card ready-for-market
> But also Technotrend might get their DVB-S2 FF card to the market sooner
> or later.

I know that hauppauge will not develope a FF for hdtv
are you sure that technotrend is working on a FF card? or is it just a 


> Ondrej ...
> P.S. Funny subject for this thread. Maybe it was supposed to be a
> private conversation?
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