[vdr] vdr config help

mike lewis lachlanlewis at gmail.com
Wed Jul 4 17:36:29 CEST 2007

Hi There.

I've trying to get xmltv2vdr working.  It's a script that dumps an
xmltv file into vdr's schedule.

I have found that the vdr is causing a problem.  It won't let you
"PUTE" anything.  Not sure what this means, but xmltv2vdr issues the
following commands:

mick at ubuntu:~$ /build/xmltv2vdr-1.0.7/xmltv2vdr.pl -s -v -x
/home/mick/TV.xml -c /build/xmltv2vdr-1.0.7/channels.conf
C T-12803-1104-1025 Nine Digital;Nine Network
E 65490 1183559400 19800 0
T Wimbledon 2007
S Day 9
D Info Not Available

I've tried to follow this manually and recieve error 554

mick at ubuntu://build/xmltv2vdr-1.0.7$ telnet localhost 2001
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
220 ubuntu SVDRP VideoDiskRecorder 1.4.7; Wed Jul  4 23:26:17 2007
214-This is VDR version 1.4.7
214-    CHAN      CLRE      DELC      DELR      DELT
214-    EDIT      GRAB      HELP      HITK      LSTC
214-    LSTE      LSTR      LSTT      MESG      MODC
214-    MODT      MOVC      MOVT      NEWC      NEWT
214-    NEXT      PLAY      PLUG      PUTE      SCAN
214-    STAT      UPDT      VOLU      QUIT
214-Plugin epgsearch v0.9.23-beta1 - search the EPG for repeats and more
214-    LSTS      NEWS      DELS      EDIS      MODS
214-    UPDS      UPDD      SETS      FIND      QRYS
214-    QRYF      LSRD      LSTC      NEWC      EDIC
214-    DELC      RENC      LSTB      NEWB      DELB
214-    EDIB      LSTE      SETP      LSTT      NEWT
214-    DELT      EDIT      DEFT
214-To report bugs in the implementation send email to
214-    vdr-bugs at cadsoft.de
214 End of HELP info
554 Error while opening temporary file
221 ubuntu closing connection
Connection closed by foreign host.

Can anyone help resolve what this error means?  I'm not sure where to
start.  Where would vdr be attempting to write to?

I've tried checking /var/log/messages; but over it's not spitting out
any errors.  This is a snipped of the log the above manual "pute"
Jul  4 23:35:50 ubuntu vdr: [15171] connect from, port 1853 - accepted
Jul  4 23:36:05 ubuntu vdr: [15171] closing SVDRP connection



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