[vdr] vdr versionnumbers and plugins

alex bustamante alexander.bustamante at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 14:59:10 CEST 2007


When i compile my plugins under vdr 1.4.7 most of them get the 
versionnumber 1.4.5. For example: libvdr-ttxtsubs.so.1.4.5. The result 
of this is that i get the following errormessage when i try to launch:
vdr: ./PLUGINS/lib/libvdr-ttxtsubs.so.1.4.5: cannot open shared object 
file: No such file or directory

My solution to this problem is 'ln -s ibvdr-ttxtsubs.so.1.4.7 

However, that seems more like a workaround. Is there a clean solution to 
this? Thanks!

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