[vdr] Configuring vdr-sxfe to use a single vdr backend for recordings/dvb cards

Simon Natterer simon-linuxtv at sngs.de
Sun Jun 17 12:48:26 CEST 2007

Petri Hintukainen wrote:
> But, if you need to have independently controlled clients with own video
> and OSD, you need to run several instances of VDR - it doesn't matter if
> you run all VDR instances on server or at each client. I run several VDR
> instances on the server:
>  - less maintenance, only one installation of VDR and 
>    plugins required
>  - allows using diskless clients (and with less memory)
>  - Faster cutting / DVD burning / ... as there is no 
>    network between VDR and disks
>  - no need to export/mount /video to every client
>  - ...

Nice setup! What kind of remote control do you use on the clients
running xine and how does it work to send the command to the vdr session?


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