[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] vdr-actuator-1.0.4 plugin

Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Mon Jun 25 18:36:42 CEST 2007

En/na Luca Olivetti ha escrit:
> Hello,
> I'm releasing version 1.0.4 of the "actuator" plugin available at
> http://www.ventoso.org/luca/vdr/

I realized that, since I upgraded my kernel, I inadvertently released 
the tarball with module.c already patched with the 
"apply_for_kernel_2.6.15.patch", so if you run an older kernel you 
should patch it with -r (then eventually apply 
"apply_for_kernel_2.6.13.patch"), while if you're running a kernel >= 
2.6.15 just user module.c as is.
Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.


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