[vdr] Probs: Twinhan Starbox 2 on NSLU2 with kernel 2.6.20 and cvs driver

Hubert_Becker at t-online.de Hubert_Becker at t-online.de
Mon Mar 5 10:46:55 CET 2007

Anybody there who can help mir here ?

I have debian ETCH on NSLU2 with kernel 2.6.20 and the latest cvs v4l
driver which supports the Twinhan Startbox 2 DVB-S usb.

Loading the driver is fine
Starting vdr 1.4.5 ( compiled wit sources from etobi) without the
attached box and without drivers loaded works just fine with plugins
(xineliboutput, vompserver, ..)

As soon as i start vdr with attached box and loaded driver, the system
is kind of locked. The session stays until i remove the usb cable and
then i get the kernel oops. See attachment
Looks like vdr is causing the kernel oops, but in the log i can't see
How can i get more debug output to see where the problem is ?
Or is there anybody who can help me ?
On my debian ETCH system the same installation is just running fine.



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