[vdr] vdr-xine 0.7.10 buffering

Reinhard Nissl rnissl at gmx.de
Sun Mar 11 18:57:06 CET 2007


Jouni Karvo wrote:

>  > A drawback of such large buffers is that VDR is way ahead the picture
>  > you currently see on screen. So if you jump forward 60 seconds, you'll
>  > actually jump 70 seconds and if you jump backward 60 seconds you'll only
>  > jump 50 seconds. That's why I suggested in my MANUAL to set
>  > audio_num_buffers to the smallest value possible which is 4.
> This might not be a very bad problem - I wonder how jumping to cutting
> marks then works out.  I would guess based on your description that
> probably OK (unless the next cutting mark is on a different disk, but
> that is again not such a bad problem).  

If you set a cutting mark while watching a recording, you'll set it 10
seconds in the future compared to the image on screen. When you jump to
a cutting mark, you'll see the image at the actual position, because VDR
first clears all buffers and then just sends a single I-frame so there
isn't much which xine could buffer in that case.

If you show the recording's progress menu and switch to play (after a
jump to a cutting mark), you'll see that the progress bar advances very
quickly by 10 seconds, as VDR sends the recording data as fast as
possible (i. e. as fast as your harddisk can supply the data) to xine.

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