[vdr] TV Standards option for vdr-1.5.x

André Weidemann Andre.Weidemann at web.de
Tue Mar 13 09:05:14 CET 2007

Stone wrote:
> Hi,
> In all the prevous versions of VDR, I have had to patch the 
> FRAMESPERSECOND and change the rest of the hardcoded PAL values in VDR 
> for my NTSC television.  Is making this an option in VDR on the TODO list?

I never had to patch my VDR to make it play NTSC properly. Have you ever 
tried the videosystem plugin? I have been using it for quite some time 
and it always worked flawlessly. It can be found here:

For VDR > 1.4.4 You need a patch to make it compile without errors. This 
one can be found here:
Simply save the: vdr-videosystem-0.0.1-uint64-0001.bin.

Let us know how if it worked and how well.


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