[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] New plugin remotetimers-0.0.1

Frank Schmirler vdr at schmirler.de
Tue Mar 13 13:00:17 CET 2007


the successor of streamdev's former remote timers feature is finally there.
You can get the new remotetimers plugin at http://vdr.schmirler.de.

- Add, edit and delete timers on the local (client) VDR and a remote (server) VDR
- Move timers between client and server
- Assign user IDs to timers. Filter the timer list by user ID.
- Support for MainMenuHooks patch. Replace the VDR mainmenus "Schedule" and
"Timer" by remotetimers' counterparts.

In addition, the plugin comes with its own "Schedule" menu. Adding timers
without EPG is not very convenient, is it? All menus are more or less copies
of VDR's originals. That should help to keep up with changes in VDR. Credits
to Klaus and everyone who contributed to those parts of the code I copied.

Remotetimers requires the svdrpservice plugin. So make sure, both plugins are

Differences between the original VDR menus and their remotetimers counterparts:
The edit timer menu has two additional options:
Location determins if the timer is stored on the local or the remote machine.
Use this setting to move the timer from client to server or vice versa. Note
that you cannot move a running timer. You will have to stop it first.
You can assign a user ID to each timer. Every user or client can use its own
ID or maybe you want to distinguish timers by genre? Whatever you prefer. You
can then filter the timer list by ID. The special ID "0" actually means "no
ID". A corresponding timer will always be visible.
In the plugin setup you can determine the default values for location and user ID.

In the timer list you will see a letter in front of the channel number. "L"
indicates a local timer, "R" a remote timer. Use the number keys to filter the
list. Press "0" to see all timers. Any other digit will show only timer with a
matching ID and timers with ID "0". The menu title shows the current filter
setting. In the plugin setup you can configure the default filter.

There's nothing special about the schedule menus, of course except for the
fact that remote timer matches are marked with "T", too. Note that there's no
user ID filter. You will always see all timer matches.

This is the very first release of the plugin. Even though it works perfectly
for me, it may not in your environment. Keep this in mind when testing and
maybe doublecheck the timer list on the remote VDR.


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