[vdr] TV Standards option for vdr-1.5.x

Reinhard Nissl rnissl at gmx.de
Tue Mar 13 23:33:13 CET 2007


Stone wrote:

> That plugin is only beneficial if you have a dual PAL/NTSC environment. 
> It does not help with the frames per second calculatons at all.

You may want to try the attached patch. It determines FramesPerSec by
having a look at the first picture of the recording and falls back to
the FRAMESPERSEC macro otherwise.

The current implementation requires that the recording was taken with
cVideoRepacker enabled. Furthermore it must be MPEG2.

The file marks.vdr still uses FRAMEPERSEC for compatibility. Plugins
like dvd, burn, mp3, mplayer, etc. still use FRAMESPERSEC.

Although this patch is against VDR-1.4.6, it applies with some offset
also against VDR-1.5.1.

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