[vdr] TV Standards option for vdr-1.5.x

Stone syphyr at gmail.com
Thu Mar 15 04:48:40 CET 2007

> You may want to try the attached patch. It determines FramesPerSec by
> having a look at the first picture of the recording and falls back to
> the FRAMESPERSEC macro otherwise.
> The current implementation requires that the recording was taken with
> cVideoRepacker enabled. Furthermore it must be MPEG2.
> The file marks.vdr still uses FRAMEPERSEC for compatibility. Plugins
> like dvd, burn, mp3, mplayer, etc. still use FRAMESPERSEC.
> Although this patch is against VDR-1.4.6, it applies with some offset
> also against VDR-1.5.1.

Thanks! Im using this patch with vdr-1.5.1 and it has fixed my problems with
the incorrect time of recordings for NTSC.  Before I had hardcoded it to 30,
but this is much more accurate.  Good job.  I think this should be
integrated into vdr along with a switch to set the default tv standard to

Best Regards.
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