[vdr] softplay problem with ffmpeg [rev 8428] (Was: softdevice audio problem. audio repacker issue?)

Stefan Lucke stefan at lucke.in-berlin.de
Sun Mar 18 12:42:17 CET 2007

On Sunday 18 March 2007 10:34, Martin Wache wrote:
> Stefan Lucke schrieb:

> > But there is still one drawback.
> > It is still not playable with softplay.
> > 
> > Neither audio nor video.
> > There are only some accustic fragments and no video frame.
> > 
> For me softplay works fine with vdr recordings. Did you make sure that
> you compiled softplay with the same ffmpeg version like the softdevice?

Yes. just did a make clean-plugins, make plugins.
This is with old (vdr-1.2.1) and new recordings.

My current ffmpeg revision is 8428. Will test some older like 7852 too.

Stefan Lucke

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