[vdr] xxv-1.0 recording thumbnails

Andreas Brachold ml2006 at deltab.de
Sun Nov 4 17:39:34 CET 2007


Clemens Kirchgatterer wrote:
> when i list the recordigs i get no thumbnails and in the console the
> following error message apears:
> Invalid conversion in sprintf: "%"" at /opt/xxv/lib/xxv/Tools.pm line
> 154.
That come from a double sprintf call at logging, and can be ignored. 
e.g Cut mark "%Die..." from recording title. It's will be fixed at next

> to create the thumbs i configured mplayer. xxv is from svn, checked out
> aproximatly an hour ago.
> bug or ebkac ?

Please check your Configuration::RECORDS like your settings
Previewbinary: /usr/bin/mplayer
Previewcommand: MPlayer1.0pre6 (or higher)
Previewcount: 3
Previewimages: /var/cache/xxv/preview (folder should are writable)
Previewlistthumbs: y (y if show images too at recording list)

* Your should check log file from thumbnails generation like

* Or run command at console :
/usr/bin/mplayer \
-vo jpeg:outdir='/var/cache/xxv/preview/1043925153_shot' -ni -ss 72
-sstep 15 -vf scale -zoom -xy 180 -frames 3

It seems as if mplayer has only at some recordings problems. There are
messages like :
'' The selected video_out device is incompatible with this codec. ''
but maybe is my mplayer build to old.

BTW: I prefer vdr2jpeg, its work seamless, faster and more precisely.


See also (german)

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