[vdr] VDR doesn't always switch channel correctly

Igor goga777 at bk.ru
Sat Nov 10 12:48:04 CET 2007

is it possible to disable this feature , because sometimes it's useless.
For example, if I with rotor-plugin will try to move manually the dish to east or west , this patch automatically will come back the dish to reference rotational position, because LOCK was disappeared.


> This patch was already integrated into VDR 1.3.x with some small
> modifications, so VDR 1.4.0 works like that: when "optimized" tuning to
> a channel doesn't get a lock within 9 seconds, a "non optimized" tuning
> operation is repeated every 9 seconds until a lock succeeds.
> "optimized tuning" means: when you switch from one channel to another
> channel on the same polarization, there is no need to send the DiSEqC
> commands. Only the tuner needs to tune to a different frequency.
> So "non optimized tuning" means, that the DiSEqC commands are sent
> although there is no need to. This fixed tuning issues where the DiSEqC
> message got distorted on the way to the multiswitch/LNB with the result
> that VDR never successfully tuned in such a case.

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