[vdr] VDR doesn't always switch channel correctly

Reinhard Nissl rnissl at gmx.de
Sat Nov 10 15:33:31 CET 2007


Igor schrieb:

> is it possible to disable this feature , because sometimes it's useless.
> For example, if I with rotor-plugin will try to move manually the dish to east or west , this patch automatically will come back the dish to reference rotational position, because LOCK was disappeared.

Well, we both know that VDR is not prepared for rotor dishes. Please try
the following to disable resending the DiSEqC commands:

- Locate the following code in dvbdevice.c, cDvbTuner::Action():

          case tsTuned:
               if (Timer.TimedOut()) {
                  tunerStatus = tsSet;
                  diseqcCommands = NULL;

- Change the last line to:

                  //diseqcCommands = NULL;

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