[vdr] [Patch] add support for drive speed to vdr-dvd

Sebastian Kemper sebastian_ml at gmx.net
Sun Nov 11 10:00:34 CET 2007

Hello all,

here's a proposal for speed control for vdr-dvd. It uses SG_IO and 
GPCMD_SET_STREAMING so there's no need for VDR to run as root. The user 
needs rw permissions on the drive, though. When the plug-in is 
terminated the drive will be set to its initial speed (vacuum cleaner 
The code is heavily based on mplayer (thank you). I tested it with 
vdr-1.4.6 and a vdr-dvd snapshot on a NEC ND-3500 and it works just 
fine. The user can set the speed between 1x and 4x - I figure that's 
enough - in the OSD plug-in setup. If set to 0 the patch won't kick in. 
In case the users sets it to zero _while_ he/she is watching a dvd the 
speed will still be reset because of a DvdSetSpeedActive flag.

Kernel and headers have to support the commands for the patch to work 
but the plug-in should compile and work even on older kernels.

All feedback is very welcome.

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