[vdr] Multiple diseqc.conf's when using multiple dvb devices??

VDR User user.vdr at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 19:13:06 CET 2007

Greets.  If you have more then one dvb device and each is plugged into
a diseqc switch, how would you define a diseqc.conf for each of them?
I've checked VDR's documentation and saw no reference to this unless
I've somehow missed the info.  If VDR doesn't currently support
different diseqc.conf's per each dvb adapter, I guess this could be a
formal request to add support for this.  Maybe just doing something
like this:

# Format:  device satellite slof polarization lof command

where device is used for this purpose?  Not sure the best way to
identify the devices since they can be pci, pci-e, usb, etc.

Any thoughts?

Thanks fellas!

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