[vdr] next features?

VDR User user.vdr at gmail.com
Thu Nov 15 17:33:48 CET 2007

You're right, the wait for FF-HD dvb cards is pointless as the vendors
have no interest in it due to no viable market and that information
comes direct.  We could discuss all the reasons why you will not see a
FF-HD card but it still won't change anything.

Many users are moving away from FF cards and into the realm of h264
and HDTV, which is why VDR has lost a lot of users to that other
software I won't mention. ;(  And not just that but also moving from
single card/tv/client/etc. setups to multiple cards/tvs/clients/etc.

Klaus has made it very clear that he only cares how VDR works in his
environment and if you want that support then you should use different
software.  I'm sure a large number of users don't like hearing that
but it is what it is.  Klaus has the right to include or neglect
anything he wishes in VDR, and users do have the option to use
something else instead.

I've been using VDR for many years now and am very loyal to it and I
must say I don't like seeing users leaving because VDR is being left
in the dust when it comes to support for current & future things like
h264 and HDTV.  You can hope that Klaus will change his mind on some
of these things but honestly, based on everything I've read I wouldn't
hold my breath.  It's better to hope that people will (continue) to
make patches or get acquainted with that other software I won't

Some of us aren't ready to switch just yet but there's no ignoring the
shift in peoples interests.  All I can say is when it comes time that
I can't ignore those requirements anymore, I can only hope that VDR
has envolved with the times and I won't be forced to use something

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