[vdr] HDTV - 2B or not 2B

Kartsa kari at kniivila.com
Thu Nov 22 17:31:42 CET 2007

Tony Grant kirjoitti:
>>> You forgot to add the €20,000 building an extension to your house, if 
>>> you don't want your living room to be dominated by a 42" diagonal piece 
>>> of plastic.
> Lucky me my living room is huge!
You really do not need a huge living room for 42".
I've got a 52" (not HD) for a few years now and you could say my living 
room is actually tiny (3,5x4 meters about).
In the old days (4:3 time) it was said that proper watching distance was 
about 5 times the diagonal of the tv screen. Now with 16:9 I've read 
that the correct distance should be 4 to 6 times the HIGHT of the 
screen. With a 42" it is between 2,1 and 3,15 meters.


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