[vdr] Best Diskless capable distribution ?

Magnus Hörlin magnus at alefors.se
Fri Nov 30 10:10:55 CET 2007

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Ämne: [vdr] Best Diskless capable distribution ?

I reworked my ancient vdr system and build a new hardware around
my DVB-S card (after a long time of not-usage).

I want to use my server using a diskless architecture to run

Idea, which dritribution for vdr to choose ?

I intend to have a Debian/Ubuntu system for the vdr system,
the distri should be easy updateable, but up-to-date current.

I do not want to do manual updates in the form (get source, build,
test, install, get plugins, etc.) the building / testing / installing from
pure source is nice, makes fun, but I do not have the time for doing
that this way.

So, which remote boot capaple distri do you use ?
Which is best to choose ?


Jürgen Sauer
	automatiX Linux  Support Crew

PS: due heavy personal work load I interrupted my vdr usage a year ago
Jürgen Sauer

Hi Jürgen.
Ubuntu is very easy to convert to diskless and there are several good
howto's out there describing the process. My server is running Mandriva (for
historical reasons) and then I have two diskless Ubuntu Gutsy machines and
an MVP as VDR frontends. Zero maintenance and 100% uptime.

/Magnus Hörlin

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