[vdr] Reel Extension HD PCI

Peter Evertz leo2 at pec.homeip.net
Wed Oct 17 14:00:41 CEST 2007

I have an ordered and paid this card 2 month ago, still waiting. So 
don't believe the online shop.

Because I don't have the card, i could just tell you what I read about 
it. There is a vdr-plugin to using the card. It should work on a 
"normal" vdr.
The software is under development: Reel has a svn for it.
It will not work out of the box, but I think it should be possible to 
build a stable vdr without a reel box.

Jeremy Jones schrieb:
> Does anyone have one of these cards ?  The online shop says delivery 
> time is 1-3 business days so it seems they are actually available for 
> purchase now.  I'm thinking about getting one of these but was hoping 
> that someone could answer a few questions about these cards:
> - Can I use this card in my own vdr box (with code from the Reelbox 
> vdr tree) or will it only work in a Reelbox ?
> - How mature is the software for these cards (stability/image 
> quality/features) ?
> Thank You,
> Jeremy
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