[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] vdr-mailbox-0.5.0

Alexander Rieger lists at seca.inka.de
Sun Oct 21 15:47:09 CEST 2007


a new version of the Mailbox plugin is available at

Download link:

Changes since version 0.4.0:

2007-10-21: Version 0.5.0

- Added support for the new i18n system of vdr >= 1.5.7

- Check the used charset with cCharSetConv::SystemCharacterTable() when
  using vdr >= 1.5.3

- Added French language texts
  (thanks to Patrice Staudt)

- Added call to cStatus::MsgOsdTextItem to make the message body visible
  with graphlcd/graphtft.

- Added call cStatus::MsgOsdTextItem() whenn scolling up/down in

- Added workaround for imap-servers not reporting attribute "charset=.."
  in "Content-Type:" lines. If charset is missing ISO-8859-1 is used.

Have fun,


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