[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] vdr-iptv-0.0.2

Antti Seppälä ajhseppa at niksula.hut.fi
Sun Oct 28 18:02:41 CET 2007

Segers,Jan J.K.T. wrote:
> Hi,
> thanks for this great new plugin! i tryed VLC to transcode on the fly
> some windows media streams which i want to use with your iptv plugin.
>  it seems to work with some issues: transcoding takes about 15% of my
> cpu power per stream. i would like to watch 5 different streams, this
> would take all my cpu power which is not very handy. i tryed using
> the VoD feature of vlc, but there are two problems:
> 1. vlc uses for VoD the rtsp protocol, where iptv has currently no
support for.
> 2. vlc does not allow transcoding a windows media stream with VoD
(only with mpeg2 streams, but thats not very interesting).

> Do you have any idea how to watch several streams with your plugin
> without transcoding all the time? i only need the transcode when i
> watch one of the stream channels, so VoD would be very usefull..


Iptv plugin uses VLC to transcode only the stream being currently
received so there really should not be any CPU power wasted on
transcoding inactive streams.

In other words a simple "video on demand" system should already be in
place. At least I can add multiple streams to the channel list and only
the active one is being transcoded. Have you experienced different behavior?

Of course if recording then VDR will keep the stream opened and iptv
plugin has to launch another instance of VLC to keep receiving two
streams at the same time.

BTW. we've actually been looking into adding support for receiving rtsp
streams and while it is more laborous than other protocols I think
implementing it would be entirely possible. Testing is a bit hard since
I'm not aware of suitable mpeg2 rtsp -stream providers. Are there any
publicly available?

Antti Seppälä

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