[vdr] remote control and nexus-s CI module

Ales Jurik ajurik at quick.cz
Mon Oct 29 22:49:06 CET 2007

Unconnect jumper on CI module - by shorted jumper the IR sensor is at front of 
CI module.


On Monday 29 of October 2007, aironet at tigercomp.ro wrote:
> Hello,
> My issue is not strictly VDR related, but I'm using my DVB card
> exclusively with VDR for about 2 years.
> I have a nexus-s FF card with Hauppauge grey remote, and it's working ok.
> Recently I added a CI module to my sistem (with a Cryptoworks module). If
> the CI is connected with the flat cable to the FF daughterboard the remote
> stops working, although it is detected when i'm loading the dvb driver
> (dvb_ttpci) as av_7110_ir controller, and I have /dev/input/event3 but the
> rc is no more detected by the remote plugin.
> Any hint?
> Thanks,
> Istvan
> BTW: Klaus, thanks for the subtitle support!

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