[vdr] vdr-xine and SP8000E fast enough?

Nicolas Huillard nicolas at huillard.net
Fri Sep 14 09:06:50 CEST 2007

Torgeir Veimo a écrit :
>> I'm building up a fanless VDR client, and am looking at the VIA EPIA 
>> SP8000E with tv-out.
>> Is this 800Mhz processor with MPEG2/4 accelerator fast enough for the 
>> vdr-xine plugin?
>> What kind of CPU % can I expect?  With my Shuttle AMD 2.2G and 
>> unichrome accelerator, and vdr-xine, the cpu sits comfortably about 21%.
> I use a Celeron 800 with mpeg2 decoding with the cle266 chipset through 
> softdevice, and it works very well. No judder at all.

Duron 800, software decoding on an ATI Rage 128. Really neat.

Remember the old days, when software DVD playback was possible on 
4-500Mhz processors... The reality didn't change with the multi GHz mania...


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