[vdr] Convert video clip to .vdr format

Friedhelm Büscher vdr at 4t.to
Sun Sep 16 13:23:32 CEST 2007

Hi Dick,

i wrote a small shellscript which does the job. It looks, if the original video is a mpg
or different and do the right steps to get a vdr-video. You need mencoder and genindex for
the script. Let me know, if this works for you, too.


Dick Streefland wrote:
> I'm trying to convert video clips from my camera (KonicaMinolta A200)
> to .vdr format, so that I can watch them using vdr, but so far I had
> no success. The format is MJPEG 640x480 30fps, with PCM audio
> (7875x16x1). I can convert it to MPEG4 with:
> transcode -i "$in" -x mov,ffbin -y ffmpeg -F mpeg4 -N 0x55 --no_audio_adjust -E 11025,16,1 -o "$out"
> but i cannot convert it to MPEG2. I found some hints that I could use
> mplayer to do the conversion, something like:

> However, when I play this with vdr (after generating the index.vdr file
> with genindex), this video is not the right size, it skips every few
> seconds and there is no sound.
> What do I have to do to get a proper vdr recording?

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