[vdr] [Announce] vdr-fritzbox 0.0.7

Joachim Wilke joachim.wilke at gmail.com
Wed Sep 26 19:37:21 CEST 2007

Dear Fritz!Box- and VDR-Users,

a new version of the Fritz!Box Plugin is available at

- - -

The Fritz!Box Plugin connects to your Fritz!Box to inform you about
incoming calls. The plugin can automatically mute or pause VDR when a
call comes in.

Via VDR's main menu you can browse your Fritz!Box phone book and
initiate calls out of it via the [OK]-button. Via the colour keys you
can navigate to the following call lists:

    * Incoming Calls
    * Missed Calls
    * Outgoing Calls

Pressing [OK] in these lists initiates a call similar to the phone book.

- - -

The last changes are:
- fixed wrong display of call details when date separator is enabled or
  call lists are filtered
  (reported by Saxman2k [14])
- now using std::string::erase for compatibility with old libstdc++2.10
- added some includes for better gcc-2.95 compatibility
  patch provided by Tobias [1]

- - -


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