[vdr] Not good behaviour from vdr

VDR User user.vdr at gmail.com
Sat Sep 29 18:00:04 CEST 2007

Coincidently, I just had this "broken video stream" emergency exit the
other day because of bad weather that came & went.  I don't run some
kind of auto-restart script so vdr stayed unloaded and coincidently
caused several other timers to be missed.

For those who would say 'just add auto-restart', I respond by saying
that I don't want it.  If my vdr system crashes, I want to know about
it and then look into the reason why so it can be fixed properly thus
making a more stable system.  Also, in the case the reason for the
crash requires human intervention, I don't want my vdr system stuck in
a continuous restart loop.  Many people seem to share these opinions
so I guess the vdr community has mixed feelings about it.

As far as empty recordings, it's my personal opinion that who cares?
If you had a timer set then you intended to use the diskspace anyways
so it doesn't matter if it's filled with blank or the actual show you
wanted to record.

A quick note to Klaus..  Thanks for adding the ability to have this
emergency exit an option to the user!  Please consider Udo's
suggestion in what options should be available.  Also, its been some
time since I've had a Nexus-S lockup.  Long enough that I can't
remember the last time (although I've experienced it before).  I
update my drivers frequently (basically along with every kernel update
that's released, stable and testing) and it's possible the lockup
issue was fixed quite some time ago.  Rather then have vdr shutdown,
unload dvb drivers, reload dvb drivers, reload vdr...maybe the better
solution is to just update your drivers.  :)

Thanks guys!


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