[vdr] VDR continuously initializing CAM

Arthur Konovalov kasjas at hot.ee
Mon Apr 7 08:34:51 CEST 2008

I'm not big guru of debugging.
I made following changes to mentioned part of code:

eModuleStatus cCamSlot::ModuleStatus(void)
   cMutexLock MutexLock(&mutex);
   eModuleStatus ms = ciAdapter ? ciAdapter->ModuleStatus(slotIndex) : msNone;
   isyslog("ms: %d", ms); //AKO
   isyslog("resetTime1: %d", resetTime); //AK
   if (resetTime) {
   isyslog("resetTime2: %d", resetTime); //AK
      if (ms <= msReset) {
   isyslog("resetTime3: %d", resetTime); //AK
         if (time(NULL) - resetTime < MODULE_RESET_TIMEOUT)
   isyslog("resetTime4: %d", resetTime); //AK
            return msReset;
      resetTime = 0;
   return ms;

Log file attached. I suspect that additional instructions are welcome.


Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> Looks like the lastModuleStatus for some reason falls back
> to msReset.
> Please dd some debug output to
> cCamSlot::ModuleStatus() to see what's going on around
> ciAdapter->ModuleStatus(slotIndex) and resetTime.
> Maybe resetTime should be handled in milliseconds, using
> a cTimeMs...

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