[vdr] Plugins DVD and Dolby Digital

Rob Davis rob.davis at libero.it
Mon Apr 7 09:51:42 CEST 2008

NIVAL Michaël wrote:
> Hi,
> With VDR-1.5.10 and cvs version plugins DVD, it is not possible to have
> audio.
> The syslog shows:
> [4223] switching to pre 1.3.19 Dolby Digital compatibility mode
> UseDolbyDigital is disabled.
> The solution I have for the moment is to apply the patch that I put in
> attachment.

Is this still an issue on 1.6.0?  I have just got a FF card working and 
thought I'd try DVD playback for the first time ever, however, I have no 
audio on the FF Scart output.

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Rob Davis

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