[vdr] Looking for Medion MD4688 remote code for VDR

Jean-Claude Repetto jrepetto at free.fr
Tue Apr 8 09:02:56 CEST 2008


My Medion MD 4688 remote (from Aldi) has lost its codes because the 
batteries were dead :-(
Obviously, I had not written the codes on the back label of the remote 
I have looked at this ML archives and found some codes (308, 336), but 
they are not working.
I am not using LIRC, but the RC input of a WinTV DVB-S REV 1.3, and this 
is my remote.conf file :

remote-event0._Setup     /proc/av7110_ir 00008000 20
remote-event0.Up         0000000100010003
remote-event0.Down       0000000100010009
remote-event0.Menu       0000000100010004
remote-event0.Ok         0000000100010006
remote-event0.Back       000000010001000A
remote-event0.Left       0000000100010005
remote-event0.Right      0000000100010007
remote-event0.Red        0000000100010001
remote-event0.Green      0000000100010002
remote-event0.Yellow     0000000100010023
remote-event0.Blue       000000010001000E
remote-event0.0          000000010001001E
remote-event0.1          0000000100010026
remote-event0.2          0000000100010027
remote-event0.3          0000000100010028
remote-event0.4          000000010001001A
remote-event0.5          000000010001003E
remote-event0.6          0000000100010017
remote-event0.7          0000000100010018
remote-event0.8          0000000100010019
remote-event0.9          000000010001002C
remote-event0.Play       0000000100010031
remote-event0.Pause      000000010001003D
remote-event0.Stop       0000000100010021
remote-event0.Record     0000000100010024
remote-event0.FastFwd    0000000100010037
remote-event0.FastRew    0000000100010036
remote-event0.Power      000000010001000D
remote-event0.Channel+   0000000100010035
remote-event0.Channel-   0000000100010034
remote-event0.User1      000000010001000C
remote-event0.User2      0000000100010015
remote-event0.User3      000000010001003B
remote-event0.User4      000000010001000B

Any suggestions for the MD4688 code ?


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