[vdr] [patch] channels with same pids+channels update

ua0lnj ua0lnj at bk.ru
Thu Apr 10 14:34:54 CEST 2008

If it's interecting for anybody.

This is next version of a patch for non unique channels pids. (for
stupid providers :) ).
Rid not used now, SID/NID/TID+Transponder only.
I tested this patch on 80E Express AM2 KU band.
In my channels.conf:

TV-NADYM;Service Provider:11190:HC34:S80.0E:3255:308
GTRK KUZBASS;TandbergTV:11650:VC34:S80.0E:5700:308

Охота и Рыбалка;Orion
Yugoria Audio:11478:HC34:S80.0E:4400:0:1215=und,1217=und:0:0:2:1:1:0

I think this is show how dvb standard use.
And you can switch off "delete duplicate channels" in dvb settings menu,
if you want. ( if you set "delete duplicate channels" to ON, vdr can
works with incorrect pids too).

And other feature, this is deleting absent channels. If provider was
deleted channels, you need delete it from channels.conf manually. After
this patch, vdr auto deleting channels, which not present on transponder
in sdt. Need select "delete absent channels" in dvb settings menu, but
if you selected channels update or transponder update.

Attached patch: for native vrd-1.6.0, for vdr+iptv plugin, for vdr
+h264(without dvb-s2), for vdr+h264+iptv.

Pridvorov Andrey
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