[vdr] Antwort: Re: [patch] channels with same pids+channels update

Peter Dittmann Peter.Dittmann at pldsnet.com
Fri Apr 11 10:28:55 CEST 2008

vdr-bounces at linuxtv.org schrieb am 10.04.2008 14:53:04:

> ua0lnj schrieb:
> > Hi
> > If it's interecting for anybody.
> ..
> > And other feature, this is deleting absent channels. If provider was 
> > deleted channels, you need delete it from channels.conf manually. 
> > After this patch, vdr auto deleting channels, which not present on 
> > transponder in sdt. Need select "delete absent channels" in dvb 
> > settings menu, but if you selected channels update or transponder 
> I am very interested in this feature. My providers (astra/hotbird) are 
> smart enough not to send not to much garbage, but deleting of unused 
> channels is really a pain. I am at 4500 Channels in my channels.conf and 

> I am pretty sure that at least 30 % of them are long gone.
> Is it possible to have that feature seperated ?
> @kls ... and include it in the mainline ?
> Best regards
> Peter
How about something simpler and implement a manual delete on request, like 
a "negativ" channel scan ?

My usual way of cleaning up channels.conf is structuring it using the ":" 
feature in the conf file.
The last managed entry is :5000 so I have 4999 channels that I can sort 
and structure as I like.
Channels >=5000 are automaticly added from VDR, hence I only need to 
occationally delete entries >5000 and I'm fine.
New channels I need will be moved manually into my managed range and stay 
there until I want to get rid of them.

I would actually prefer something manual instead of being triggered by the 
provider and their potential lazyness and their **ironie on** notorious 
standard adherence **ironie off**.

regards  Peter
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