[vdr] iptv FILE .ts stalling & not switching streams

Simon Baxter linuxtv at nzbaxters.com
Thu Apr 17 21:36:39 CEST 2008


I've been testing the vdr-iptv plugin with vdr-1.6.0, using the EXT and FILE options.

1) Firstly, the FILE option.  I'm trying to play a transport stream file which has several streams within it.  My channel syntax is the following:

When I select this channel, the video and audio play for 2 seconds, then stutter at about1 fps, then another 2 seconds etc etc.  The only log I get on sout is:

buffered 8.0 frames (v:15.8, a:8.0)
buffered 9.1 frames (v:16.3, a:9.1)
buffered 10.4 frames (v:18.0, a:10.4)
buffered 11.3 frames (v:18.2, a:11.3)
buffered 12.2 frames (v:18.4, a:12.2)
buffered 13.2 frames (v:20.6, a:13.2)
buffered 14.3 frames (v:20.3, a:14.3)
buffered 15.1 frames (v:20.1, a:15.1)
buffered 16.0 frames (v:21.5, a:16.0)
buffered 17.3 frames (v:23.5, a:17.3)
buffered 18.5 frames (v:25.9, a:18.5)
buffered 19.6 frames (v:27.8, a:19.6)
buffered 20.5 frames (v:30.7, a:20.5)
buffered 21.1 frames (v:28.5, a:21.1)
buffered 22.1 frames (v:31.1, a:22.1)
buffered 23.0 frames (v:30.4, a:23.0)
buffered 24.3 frames (v:33.5, a:24.3)
buffered 25.3 frames (v:31.5, a:25.3)
buffered 26.4 frames (v:33.4, a:26.4)
buffered 27.5 frames (v:36.7, a:27.5)
buffered 28.5 frames (v:34.7, a:28.5)
buffered 29.2 frames (v:33.6, a:29.2)
buffered 30.2 frames (v:36.6, a:30.2)
buffered 31.1 frames (v:36.1, a:31.1)

CPU is only sitting at normal levels

2) Although the other PIDS get picked up within the stream, when I try to select one of the other streams, I only get the "Arts Channel":
Playhouse Disney;T:5:IPTV|S0P2|FILE|/video/vdr/Stream1_Unscrambled_030308.ts|5:P:0:35:34:0:0:102:182:1:0
Sport 2;T:5:IPTV|S0P2|FILE|/video/vdr/Stream1_Unscrambled_030308.ts|5:P:0:0:0:0:0:103:182:1:0
Sky News;T:5:IPTV|S0P2|FILE|/video/vdr/Stream1_Unscrambled_030308.ts|5:P:0:0:0:0:0:106:182:1:0
Arts Channel;T:5:IPTV|S0P2|FILE|/video/vdr/Stream1_Unscrambled_030308.ts|5:P:0:0:0:0:0:109:182:1:0

3) I'm also having problems selecting the various EXT channels.  Only NASA will start - what's wrong with my syntax?
NasaTV Public:1:IPTV|S0P0|EXT|iptvstream.sh|1:P:0:2:3:0:0:1:0:0:0
NZ Govt TV:2:IPTV|S0P0|EXT|iptvstream.sh|2:P:0:2:3:0:0:1:0:0:0
BBC Click:3:IPTV|S0P0|EXT|vlc_bbcclick.sh|3:P:0:2:3:0:0:1:0:0:0

Any suggestions?
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