[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] muggle 0.2.1

Wolfgang Rohdewald wolfgang at rohdewald.de
Fri Apr 18 15:27:23 CEST 2008

Muggle 0.2.0 has been released.

2008-04-18 Version 0.2.1-BETA
- if lyrics are loaded from internet and no local lyrics exist yet, they are now
  saved automatically
- display small cover: Appeared at left border instead at the right side
- sqlite3: muggle segfaulted in special situations
- fix segfault if the cache directory has a long path
- if at muggle start we land in an empty list because the saved state does not
  match the database, it could happen that we never get anything displayed until
  we delete muggle.state and restart muggle. Now muggle goes up to the parent level
- reintroduced Finnish translation, translated by Ville Skyttä
- if we got lyrics from the net but did not save it, the temporary file .lyrics.tmp
  will be deleted when the next track starts playing (only while in lyrics mode,
  if you leave it, the tmp file remains)
- vdr versions before 1.5.4 supported again: With them, lyrics cannot be fetched in the
  background. So muggle will not answer to commands until the fetching script has
  finished. And the message "loading lyrics" will only appear after they have been
  loaded. If you don't like it, update vdr or send me a patch.
- make the compile option USE_BITMAP work again on unmodified FF cards
- make sure a displayed list is never empty by moving up in the tree if needed.
  If the list is then still empty, display an item "Synchronize data base".
- change the compile option USE_BITMAP into a setup variant: New background mode "Bitmap".
  This is for those whose computers have problems with showing mpeg covers like
  "timeout waiting for LoadBitmap" in the FF card driver
- rename background mode to image mode which is more appropriate since the last changes.
  Since this also changes the name under which the value is stored in the setup file,
  you will lose your old value after updating.


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