[vdr] vdr-mosaic seg faults on Gentoo

NIVAL Michaël mnival at club-internet.fr
Sat Apr 26 18:47:28 CEST 2008


Which version of vdr-mosaic ?

The latter is the 0.1.0 available here

The plugin requires a configuration file mosaic.conf

copy the example file in your directory configuration plugins.

cp PLUGINS/src/mosaic/file/mosaic.conf $VDRCONF/plugins


Rob Davis a écrit :
> I decided to try vdr-mosiac from the vdr-testing portage overlay.
> It compiles fine but appears to segfault when run.
> I noticed that I have language files in french, spanish and german but 
> not in english, which is what I run.  Is this likely to be the reason? 
> I am using vdr 1.6.0 on gentoo.

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