[vdr] [Announce] vdr-fritzbox 1.1.2

Joachim Wilke joachim.wilke at gmail.com
Wed Aug 20 19:15:22 CEST 2008

For testing purposes, a new version of my plugins' development branch
is available.
Download as usual from http://www.joachim-wilke.de/vdr-fritz.htm

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	2008-08-20: Version 1.1.2
	- changed name of "Das Örtliche"-Fonbuch to "das-oertliche.de". New internet
	  ressources should follow this naming scheme.
	  (based on a bug report of ronnykornexl [30])
	- fixed dasoertliche.de fonbuch by adding a user-agent to the http
request, which
	  is required by the webserver recently
	- fixed possible segfault when pressing OK in empty fonbuch menu
	  (reported by ronnykornexl [30])
	- made LKZ/OKZ parsing more robust against wrong password
	- added support for phone books without number-type (e.g., old Fritz!Boxes) in
	  phone book detail screen
	  (reported by ronnykornexl [30])
	- fixed possible segfault on invalid data in fritzbox.Fonbooks setup parameter
	- fixed storing the password, which got lost in some cases
	- changed default password to an empty one
	- fixed wrong announcement of missed calls before call list retrieval
	- fixed typo in german translations
	  (reported by ronnykornexl [30])
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