[vdr] VDR Plugin Survey 2008

Tobi listaccount at e-tobi.net
Sun Aug 31 13:57:45 CEST 2008

Hello dear VDR users and developers!

I've started a small survey about VDR and the VDR plug-ins and kindly ask
you to participate.


The main reason for this survey is, that there are currently more than 300
plug-ins available for VDR (according to the English and German VDR Wiki).

That's a lot!

As a member of the Debian VDR packaging project (we currently just have
about 120 plug-ins packaged), I would like to know, which are the plug-ins
that are really used and which are the ones that aren't used at all.

As a result of this survey, we would like to drop Debian packaging support
for some of the rarely and not used plug-ins that are not maintained by
their authors anymore and identify interesting plug-ins that might be good
candidates for an official release in Lenny +1 .

This survey is not just about the Debian VDR packages. It's main focus is
on VDR and VDR plug-ins in general and I hope, it will be useful for other
distribution maintainers and developers as well.

I will make the results and all the collected data available to the public
under the terms of the Creative Commons Licence (CC-BY-SA), after the
survey has been finished.

The survey is completely anonymous! You have to register with an email
address and a password, but they will only be stored as an SHA hash in the
database and will be randomized once more, before the data is made
available to the public. The survey will not send any emails or do other
nasty stuff!

If you have any problems with the survey or your are missing a plug-in,
just write me a small note to: vdr-plugin-survey-2008 at e-tobi.net

Thanks for your participation!

Tobias Grimm (e-tobi.net)

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