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Magnus Hörlin magnus at alefors.se
Tue Dec 2 15:44:13 CET 2008

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> I use one remote for both, I toggle with one button between 3 modes.
> mode 1
>    vdr-sxfe on Plasma TV and graphttft-fe on TFT in case
> mode 2
>    xbmc on Plasma TV and graphttft-fe on TFT in case
> mode 3
>    nothing on Plasma TV and xbmc on TFT in case

I think you use a .lirc configuration in combination with irexec to switch?

> I start vdr with --lirc=/dev/null so that it doesn't react on the remote.
> Vdr-sxfe ist started with --lirc. Vdr-sxfe is never started the same time
> that xmbc is running, so I can use the same remote for both.

This is indeed something I was looking for. Forgot that some options are
extremely easy to resolve. But I was wondering, what remote do you use
yourself and did you configure a .lircrc for vdr-sxfe? 

I want to use this configuration for my new HTPC (completely software based
output) which will use Xine for VDR viewing (vdr-sxfe is somewhat unstable
on my configuration). And the phrase " One Remote to rule them all" would be
great :) 

> Gerald

Niels Wagenaar

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I have just one remote in my livingroom. Since my LG LCD has an RS232 port I
can control power and volume on if from my .lircrc and some perl scripts. So
with the "Start" button on my MCE remote (only good thing Microsoft ever
made) the TV is powered and vdr-sxfe started. And the power button shuts
everything down. Very high WAF/KAF. Now I intend to have some other button
start XBMC instead to see if it's any good.
/Magnus H

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