[vdr] XBMC + VDR 1.7.0

Niko Ringelstein niko.ringelstein at gmx.de
Fri Dec 12 10:49:03 CET 2008

Jörg Knitter schrieb:
> Goga777 schrieb:
>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Cl70fq7sn8
>> here's you can have a look on xbmc and integrated in it vdr 
>> Goga
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> Maybe this is a trivial question, but how does he switch between XBMC 
> and VDR? AFAIK there is no XBMC mailing list, and I did not find the 
> time to take a closer look in the forums...
> I have read (and thought) about some little script that switches between 
> XBMC and VDR, and there was one solution mentioned here using LIRC. But 
> the way it is shown on the video it look like a "real" integration.
> And why does the VDR state "press any key to cancel shutdown"? I thought 
> that VDR should be running all the time in the background...
> Currently, I use the tv-out of the gfx card for XBMC and the tv-out of 
> my FF for VDR, switching simply by selecting a different video input on 
> my amplifier, but with HD, the FF might replaced within the next 12 months.
> With kind regards
> Joerg Knitter
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That's what I have done. I've written a little script which is called 
from the XBMC scripts section. It basicly starts vdr-sxfe and kills 
xbmc. After exiting vdr-sxfe xbmc is started again. VDR is running in 
the background connected with my server in the basement through 
streamdev. This solution works very good for me.

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