[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] vdr-image-0.3.0

Andreas Brachold ml08 at deltab.de
Sun Dec 14 15:29:34 CET 2008


here my lastest release of vdr-image plugin... 
There none further improvements planed.

- Updated italian translation
- Add turkish translation
- Clear device buffer, before start playback (need by PVR350) 
- Reimplement "Playback mode via 'DeviceStillPicture'" 
   active if 'Send encoded frame several times' set to 'no'
- Check for codec only at startup
- Add setup option to hide main menu entry
- Use now gettext for i18n texts, introduced with vdr-1.5.8 (Required)
- for build now 'pkg-config' needed
- Use swscale to converting image

What is it : 
This is a plugin for vdr and allows the display of digital images, like
jpeg, tiff, png, bmp and some more, on the TV screen, using the DVB out
device from vdr. 

see included README for more details

netpbm, or as alternative imagemagick

Link : 

Homepage : http://vdr-image.berlios.de/
Download : http://download.berlios.de/vdr-image/vdr-image-0.3.0.tar.gz


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